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7 things that I remember but It’s time to forget

27th June 2010 | Closed

It’s a filler post. You can wait for another post if you want :). I was thinking about my future. And this are the “anchors” that give me “encountered feelings” about the future. I need to forget them by the moment. 1) I need to forget the pleasure that you obtain playing games twenty hours […]

Psychosis . . .

15th April 2010 | 2 Comments

I’m in the bus stop all is silent . . more than usual, I’m the only one and all look sad. I’m going to meet some friends, talk about IT and work. Later a girl talk with me, and said: “The buses are not working as regular, seem like a shoot-out happens at 11:00 am” […]

Changes . . .

8th April 2010 | 3 Comments

Well I’m in this new “house” and jmaslibre ask me if I want this blog on the sl-centroamerica planet instead of my traditional blog. So If i’ll be here the next months I want also this info in the planet. I need more activity and back to the days when I wrote post periodically (two […]

Win your degree test in six easy steps

6th April 2010 | Closed

Only valid for Computer Science and Software Systems USAC 😀 — Many friends of mine have this question ¿What I have to do to pass the test? So as I’m very lazy to answer individually and I passed the test four weeks ago. I realize a simple algorithm with six easy steps to pass it […]


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