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SLGT Basics – An effort for the Free Software in Guatemala.

2nd June 2010 | 2 Comments

As we mention in the web site. SLGT born with the objective to coordinate the Free Software efforts between Free Software community and without being a dictatorial and intrusive entity (or without being an entity). Hey I come to this site looking for tractor pictures but this is interesting. What is the Free Software movement? […]

Huawei E968 modem in Linux (example Tigo Guatemala)

30th May 2010 | Closed

This device is particularly interesting because has two operating modes. The first one and the most common is as a router and access point for a mixed network (wi-fi+ethernet). But If you have the bad luck that you don’t find power source for the device or simply you only have a charged laptop. You can […]

Enable the grayscale printing in a Canon ip1800 with CUPS

3rd March 2010 | 5 Comments

Three weeks ago I declared my printer dead. That was a difficult decision but the black printing doesn’t work anymore. My options were to buy a new and luxurious HP printer or maybe get another cheaper Canon and battle 30 minutes to make it work. My budget said me “GET THE CANON” and I got […]

Let's start

16th February 2010 | Closed

Well if you found this blog looking for something about Gentoo let me disappoint you (for now). This blog (as the section About says) it’s an experiment to improve my English Skills. Making a “English mirror” of my main blog “El abismo de tux – The tux abyss”. Basically I speak it,  I read it. […]


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