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Java Day Guatemala, mission complete

10th October 2011 | Closed

As I said in previous posts I’m a founder member of Guatemala Java Users Group, one year has passed since our first meeting, many Java code, frameworks, people and meetings started the road for our first big event “Java Day Guatemala”. Two months ago one of the most active Drupal community members in our country […]

FLISOL memories

16th April 2010 | 1 Comment

At 2007 the first activity that I participated with the LUGUSAC people, was FLISOL. FLISOL is the Latin American Festival of Free (as in speech) Software Installation. I remember that my first impression was “this people is crazy . . . i’m in the right place”. The first conversation was about why Debian sucks rules […]

Psychosis . . .

15th April 2010 | 2 Comments

I’m in the bus stop all is silent . . more than usual, I’m the only one and all look sad. I’m going to meet some friends, talk about IT and work. Later a girl talk with me, and said: “The buses are not working as regular, seem like a shoot-out happens at 11:00 am” […]


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