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Random facts about nothing

6th August 2011 | Closed

Justifying again the instance of the database that hold this blog I’m back to my personal posts, the next weeks definitively would be the hardest of my life, finally one main goal of my life was accomplished now I’m an engineer 😀 but that temporal happiness was faded by a not so good succession of events :|. Life […]

Tuxtor updates

24th March 2011 | 3 Comments

Once upon a time in a far far away blog, I found that the only real and effective inspiration for blogging is procrastination :D. Actually I’m not so active in my regular GNU/Linux personal hacking, and this blog is life-funtoo centered so let’s talk about tuxtor’s recent life. In some point I forked my professional […]

I crashed and I’m happy

6th February 2011 | 2 Comments

Yesterday I crashed in motorcycle, I hit a car door and later the floor, the car driver looks like a robber. And if that isn’t enough . . . maybe  for confusion the only reaction of a very special person for my was being upset with the fact that I was delayed for a date […]

Next step

24th July 2010 | 3 Comments

Well I’ll continue my english lessons. Once at Harmon Hall I talked about a US Army experiment to learn another language. They started “language villages” where his environment was absolutely in the X language of the village and everybody learned the new language in three or four months. So If i’m blogging (or trying to […]

$ whereis tuxtor

21st July 2010 | Closed

Not at home anymore. Actually I’m working on three projects. One as a main job and two complementary projects (I need a new laptop BTW). Many years ago a buddy wrote in my blog a sentence like this “You will die writing small programs with Free Software”.  Years later I’m here working with, Java, PostgreSQL, […]


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