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2013 oh what a year!

31st December 2013 | Closed

It’s me Mar . . . ok not. Well I’m back on my yearly personal review, as you can see at the blog most of my personal side remained untouched, I guess that this situation was a side effect of a lack of social relationships due research responsibilities. As many of my friends know this […]

Embracing the 25s with music

8th June 2013 | Closed

Well I’m 25 year old, cheers? . . . not really. At this time I can only confirm that the crisis of 25s is real, it feels like being stucked at a random point in the universe without knowing where to trip in your future but . . . with a new condition: Twenty-fives are […]

Closing 2012

28th December 2012 | 3 Comments

I’m not a so social dude and this blog is always obsolete, meanwhile I’ll try to catch up my activities. Yey! it’s time for another boring new year post :D. Overview: Following my ancient tradition (started some years ago in my Spanish blog) I must say that 2012 was most than an average year. As […]

First Semester at Brazil

1st October 2012 | Closed

I was searching for a “How to talk about big switches in life for dummies” however I didn’t found the right book :D. Six months after my first post of my life at Brazil, many things have changed. Now I’m feeling very comfortable with this episode of my life and I’m becoming a non-official (or […]

First Week on Brazil

11th March 2012 | 2 Comments

I came to Brazil after a strange fork in my life, I ever thought that my next destiny for study would be USA or Europe, but life give you unique opportunities that you have to catch and after searching some scholarships I applied for OAS-GCUB program on Brazil  and I also applied in some universities […]


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