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New way in the same stuff

9th August 2010 | 2 Comments

Well I came to work early and finished my day assignations yesterday. So is time for a little post. As many of my friends know. I was very involved in Free Software Community Activities. But the last months I simply didn’t have the enough free time to help the Free Software community in Guatemala. I was helping […]

$ whereis tuxtor

21st July 2010 | Closed

Not at home anymore. Actually I’m working on three projects. One as a main job and two complementary projects (I need a new laptop BTW). Many years ago a buddy wrote in my blog a sentence like this “You will die writing small programs with Free Software”.  Years later I’m here working with, Java, PostgreSQL, […]

SLGT Basics – An effort for the Free Software in Guatemala.

2nd June 2010 | 2 Comments

As we mention in the web site. SLGT born with the objective to coordinate the Free Software efforts between Free Software community and without being a dictatorial and intrusive entity (or without being an entity). Hey I come to this site looking for tractor pictures but this is interesting. What is the Free Software movement? […]

Huawei E968 modem in Linux (example Tigo Guatemala)

30th May 2010 | Closed

This device is particularly interesting because has two operating modes. The first one and the most common is as a router and access point for a mixed network (wi-fi+ethernet). But If you have the bad luck that you don’t find power source for the device or simply you only have a charged laptop. You can […]

Cross compiler with Distcc (in Gentoo/Funtoo)

28th April 2010 | 1 Comment

It’s Wednesday!!, it’s time for a friki post :D. As every average Gentoo user knows. Build a new System for personal use could be a task for two or three days and most of the time the PC is building the packages. I have a powerfull processor (core i7 860) and a crappy processor (celeron […]


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