I'm lazy and I don't like describe myself but . . . 0- I am 24, living at Brazil. 1- I mostly use object-oriented programming and scripting languages such as  Java, Javascript and SQL 2- I have a good knowledge on Linux System Administration, Web Server and DB management. I'm a Gentoo Advocate and Funtoo user 3- In free time I work with Free Software and help in Guatejug <Guatejug>. I'm and average wordpress User. And this is an experimental blog designed to practice my english grammar. 4- My real and first blog is here (in Spanish): El abismo de tux. 5- I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Informatics Systems from USAC (formaly I'm "Ingeniero en Ciencias y Sistemas") and now I'm on my way to get an Msc. in Computer Science. That's all  . . . for now 😀
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