Embracing the 25s with music

Well I'm 25 year old, cheers? . . . not really. At this time I can only confirm that the crisis of 25s is real, it feels like being stucked at a random point in the universe without knowing where to trip in your future but . . . with a new condition: Twenty-fives are considered the ideal age to start/continue the basis of your future (yes the unknown future . . .). Anyway the only "decent" celebration that I can share with Internet is my musical taste in these 25 years. You may identify an easy pattern, most of these songs weren't popular at my country (at least not mainstream) or I met many songs from other decades in the wrong years :D. My first idea was to create a playlist with 25 songs but I barely remember something bellow 1997. Short path, see my playlist on youtube: Long path, see some of my comments and celebrate with me :). 1988-1992 El pampanito This was the first song that I was able to sing, is a religious song that my mom thought me, most of my spiritual and religious support comes from that era and maybe I will never forget this song, is like a link between my mom and me. 1994-1995 Un soldado Damn this song, at this years Guatemala was near to end its civil war, as a consequence all kids were exposed to right-wing propaganda to support the army (some years later I was "recruited" for a junior military camp, shame on me). 1995-1996 Roberto Carlos - Yo quisiera ser civilizado This song comes from my dad's collection, he likes romantic music and many of the songs that I'm able to remember are from Roberto Carlos and Juan Gabriel . . . but Juan Gabriel is not allowed at this blog. 1997-1998 Blur - Song 2 This year marked the start of an era, at this year I met Internet, and my dad figured out that I was spending most time on the computer than playing with kids of my age so he took off my first computer and I was able to use it only under his supervision, ironically at this year my dream to be a "computer's man" started. I remember this song because it was the intro of FIFA 98, one of my first computer games. 1998-1999 Kid Rock - Bawitdaba This year was so average, I moved from a private school to a public school and I met different socio economic realities (thanks dad now I understand why you did it) I felt the shame of being relegated from the top students section to honorific students. I also continued the tendency for rock music that started with Blur, the funny thing is that I met Kid Rock because my dad bought a billboard album that included also Mambo #5, I never looked back in music. 1999-2000 Heroes del Silencio - Entre dos tierras I consider this year as my Nintento era, at this time my dad enforced my PC-usage restriction so I found another joys in life. I met some friends from my neighborhood that had a Super Nintendo so we used to hang-out all nights to play soccer, arcade or Nintendo :). Casually they also liked rock music and introduced me to classic spanish rock, specially to Heroes del Silencio, Enanitos Verdes, Soda Stereo and some local bands like Alux Nahual, we still are very good friends. 2000-2001 Papa Roach - Last Resort MTV was introduced at my town and following the typical "search for an identity" behavior I was influenced to, however at that time Nu Metal was in its best years so I met Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit and I'm confortable with that because the alternative of mainstream music was "El Chombo" a grandpa of the reggaeton of this era, how lucky I was. 2001-2002 P.O.D. - Alive Maybe this was my first favorite band, I met P.O.D. with The Fundamental Elements of Southtown but with this disc P.O.D. went worldwide mainstream, since that I've been following this band and is on my top 10. 2002-2003 Mago de Oz - Molinos de Viento At this year I had a conscience about being a "rocker" so I started my search for heavier sounds, at this time too Mago de Oz increased its popularity on Latin America so I met their music as the "non-mainstream" of the mainstream music (anyway since that years the mainstream music at Central America has been reggaeton and related, a 3rd. world shame). At this year I learned Turbo Pascal and returned to private education yey!. 2003-2004 Mortificacion - Martyrs My second favorite band and one of the phrases that I never forgot "Die for what you believe in", at this time I met white metal, I must say that despite the stigmas that religious and non-religious people had about this kind of music, Mortification simply rocks!. 2004-2005 Nirvana - The man who sold the world What can I say, at the end of my high school I also explored some alternative sounds and I went deeply into grunge and alt. rock, here I met Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Temple of Dog, Alice in Chains, Incubus, Filter, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and so on. 2005-2006 Baron Rojo - Los rockeros van al infierno This year was crucial in my life, I left my born city to search my degree in computer science. I specially remember this song because I accustomed to listen a now-defunct rock station: La Marca. They promoted a show of Quiet Riot, Baron Rojo and some local bands that I don't remember :D. 2006-2007 Cold Play - Spies I remember this song because I wasn't able to study for my final math courses with metal, but strangely I was able to do it with alt. rock so I accustomed to switch from Metal to Alt. Rock for my tests. 2007-2008 Crimson Moonlight-Thy Wilderness Parallel to normal music, I continued my exploration of white metal, at this years I met some white metal rockers and we shared many music this year, most of my collection is from this era and I really loved this song from Crimson Moonlight. 2008-2009 Helloween - If I could fly At this point I finally stopped my metal taste jumping, since this year I have a clear tendency for power, heavy, thrash and death metal, not more, not less. Coincidently this year I was able to see Helloween and Gamma Ray on stage (power metal x 1000), although Blind Guardian is my favorite Power Metal band, I truly enjoyed the extasis of "If I Could Fly" at the show. 2009-2010 Joaquin Sabina - Pongamos que hablo de Joaquin Never say never . . ., parallel to metal, I used to hang-out with some friends from my university's Linux User Group, contrary to me they used to enjoy Spanish Trova more than metal, so I cultivated my taste of this music here, I never regret it. 2010-2011 Gamma Ray - Heavy Metal universe This year was special for Guatemala's heavy metal scene because we had shows from Baron Rojo, Metallica, Megadeth, and others. However I remember this song from Gamma Ray because I won two tickets for their show (and I committed the sin of giving one of these to my now ex-girlfriend, what a waste). 2011-2012 Capital Inicial - Melhor At this year I was trying to learn Portuguese so I searched for some rock bands, here I met Leigão Urbana, Skank, Titãs, Paralamas do Sucesso and Capital Inicial. As many posers my favorite from these bands is Leigão Urbana but the first song that I was able to understand was from Capital Inicial, maybe because it remembers me a little lady that stole my heart :). 2012-2013 Chico Buarque - Construção As Portuguese is not famous for romatic trova I was incomplete, however and ironically a Mexican friend introduced me to Brazilian Popular Music (here at Brazil sertanejo is the popular music for people of my age), although I really enjoy bossa nova and there are many other musicians, when I met the lyrics of Chico Buarque -specially the political lyrics- I became a fan and he is my favorite Brazilian musician. I'm sure that there is to much music to come but since the average age to die in my country is 71 years, I've literally spent 1/3 of my life. Also and letting behind the frustration of becoming an average adult in this world, it has been a pleasure to share it with you.
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