Closing 2012

I'm not a so social dude and this blog is always obsolete, meanwhile I'll try to catch up my activities. Yey! it's time for another boring new year post :D. Overview: Following my ancient tradition (started some years ago in my Spanish blog) I must say that 2012 was most than an average year. As many people know I left Guatemala searching some adventure and a change of environment. I must confess that I'm not a patriot and by the contrary I've been cataloged as a malinche, but I must reaffirm that this change of country was good to avoid the fear of being assaulted. I like Guatemala, the problem is that is filled of Guatemalans if you know what I mean ;). Letting my Guatemalan frustrations behind is funny to remember that I started this trip just with one backpack. Damn you worldwide backpackers, I believed in your cliches about the coolness in letting all behind and thanks to that I'm feeling the lack of many possessions, especially more clothes. At this time you can think of me as a new age hippie with one backpack, long hair, and a gaming laptop. Based on that situation I have a small list of wishes for 2013: 1. A lighter laptop (an ultrabook is fine too) 2. Some new t-shirts 3. More trips Since my last post I met one big city: Curitiba. I must confess that I liked it more than Porto Alegre because in the gauchos social conscience, Curitiba is the next step on HDI so they made many expectations in my head and I must agree with them. Curitiba is a very tidy city for latinamerican standards and I had the opportunity to know almost all interesting places of the city (including the best pub, remembering my undergraduate years). If you are planing a trip to Brazil, Curitiba should be in your agenda. Expectations: The science part is walking more slowly than I'd expected, I'm still working in some papers but they need to be approved by my advisor before they go to peer reviewing and I'm starting to believe that the peer reviewing will be the easy part :D. The good part is that those -probably never published- papers are the basis for my Msc. research (look at me mom I'm doing real research work :D). Research work is more is more methodical than I thought, and here at Brazil exists some paranoia for publications to get jobs at universities, federal institutions and high schools. Sounds good but that's a problem for me because I have to increase my publications. Now I'm starting to think about the after-Msc. time, maybe is too early but my actual options are:
  1. A doctoral degree outside Guatemala
  2. Try to build my own tech-startup inside or outside Guatemala
  3. Go back to industry in Guatemala
My ideal path would be start 1 and work in 2, BUT it has many variables related to the physical place, by example If I stay in Brazil I cannot work, but if I go back to Guatemala I cannot study a doctoral degree between my interests. As far as I know at Guatemala doctoral degrees are only conceded in human/social/medical areas, also there are some strange doctoral degrees in research (it sounds too ambiguous for me if you think in the formal definition of a PhD). Differently from the master, the PhD. will not give me more than social recognition (and confusion with medics) in a country where less than 2% of the population goes to university and universities are more concerned in cash flow than science. You can work in academia just with a Bsc. receiving payment for two or three hours per week (no, I'm not joking, It's how Guatemalan academia works). So it isn't an attractive option considering that I really wanna go back to Guatemala for some personal reasons. There is a popular phrase in Spanish that says "don't spit to the sky, because it will fall in your face", so if you see me at option 3 in some near future, remember this post :D, is one of my options too. I'm not attracted to that idea but is another way to assure your food and gadgets. Personal insights: Some of my closer friends are always asking about my sentimental status and the answer is always the same, I'm free of relationships many months ago, the details are under a heavy NDA but I can say that I've been managing that area better than I expected. At the end you cannot be in a place where you are not required/invited/expected and I have the best wishes for my ex -almost- wife, as one of my favorites movies says "whatever works". Not all is bad as it sounds, if all goes as expected I'll win a bet of the last standing man -single man- in my personal circle of friends (and I'll win almost $150) :). Personal projects: Some of them are also under a NDA, but I started two open source selfish projects: The first one is just a variation of a conky theme with Gentoo flavor and the other one is my approximation to JavaFX, as you can see at source code these are "nanoprojects", the idea is to enjoy the development and the tools. I'm updating the projects in my spare time so these are slow but functional ;). What I expect from 2013: I don't believe in mystics behind Gregorian calendar , but day by day events are very tight to time when you live in society so my main goals are to finish my Msc. dissertation, get at least one major publication, improve more my Portuguese and also choose the next step in my life. Also I'm looking for time to get into an open source project just for fun, the activist days are far behind. Random photos to fill space:
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    So, I guess that there’s a lot of things in my way… PhD? Wow! 😀 My best wishes for you 😉

    1 Jorge López said this (December 29, 2012 at 2:07 am)

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    @Jorge hey thank you, actually I’m finishing the first year of the Msc. but PhD is one of my strongest options 😀

    2 tuxtor said this (December 29, 2012 at 3:09 am)

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