First Semester at Brazil

I was searching for a "How to talk about big switches in life for dummies" however I didn't found the right book :D. Six months after my first post of my life at Brazil, many things have changed. Now I'm feeling very comfortable with this episode of my life and I'm becoming a non-official (or made in china) gaucho that drinks mate (or chimarrão, choice is yours) but at the same time I'm having those  "missing my born place" episodes (yeah, sounds like a joke if you think that I'm always talking negatively about the crime at Guatemala), especially when somebody makes a relation between, Guatemala and mayan 2012 prophecies. Academia: Talking about academia, my start was a little bit difficult because my university at Guatemala does not have great tradition or experience in computer science research and the graduation is market-oriented (sounds like a Community College and not an University but that's how things work at Guatemala). At graduation I was the kind of guy that likes more science than market job but is very different when you are in front of a great source of resources and you don't know how to use them properly. The dynamic of read papers, read books, read more papers, make seminars, make a proposal, construct a test case, analyze data, write your paper, try to publish wasn't in my DNA. Sure is sad but I'm aware that is not USAC's fault (because I'm more like an exception and not the objective market of the Computer Science/Information Systems programs at Guatemala). However as a product of the past semester I got good scores, one publication and two more papers are in production. My Msc. research finally is getting shape and I'm more in line with my research group objectives, so in general I'm established at the country and at the university. Although my weak research background, I must admit that my general computer science/information systems background was good enough and most importantly the all time criticized self-taught system used at USAC was crucial to fill my research gap in less than six moths, if some things are bad at ECYS, the self-taught culture is not  part of those things. The brazilian research system is very interesting because the public sector is huge in Brazilians life and the research is not an exception (yep libertarians Brazil is not your place), leftist politics are so common but at the same time you can see collaboration between private sector/military sector and public universities. I experimented a professors strike (is Latin America at the end) but it was the strangest strike in my life because I wasn't forced to stop my activities, the university was always open and the classes finished as expected (in fact the only suspended service was the university restaurant, I really missed it). Life: Again I must affirm that the gauchos are really good people, now I know more places of the state (including the capital) and is a very different Brazil from the Brazil presented at TV to the rest of the world. I like the gaucho lifestyle, most of them (if not all) are proud of his culture, this song is a good "musical description": BTW if you don't like traditional music, this city has some options, including a place that I like too much because they play heavy metal/rock all night and you can meet nice people and . . . well meet many gauchas I must confess that being a student again is difficult if you achieved some status and a middle/average class employment (you get some comforts that you will notice only if you lose them), but hell! I'm at Brazil and the experience worth it :D. Finally I became some kind of supporter (torcedor/hincha/fanatico) of Gremio, a soccer team of the state that actually is playing very well at Brazilian soccer championship. Now I'm starting to think about the end of this era but at this time I'm only sure that my research era will finish when I flew to Guatemala, the conditions are not comparable and I'm not attracted with the idea of being paid for 4 hours/week at my alma mater. Maybe I can help there but I'm 100% aware that it cannot be my main activity. Random photos to fill space:
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