First Week on Brazil

I came to Brazil after a strange fork in my life, I ever thought that my next destiny for study would be USA or Europe, but life give you unique opportunities that you have to catch and after searching some scholarships I applied for OAS-GCUB program on Brazil  and I also applied in some universities of Chile for a Chilean government scholarship. I really believe on God's blessing and this is one of these,  I was admitted in all universities but I missed Chile scholarships for two days so my final decision was "go or not go to Brazil?". Well I'm starting my life on Brazil, and I'll write my first impressions starting my journey in this country. Santa Maria, RS Most of people think three things when someone talks about Brazil.
  1. Girls
  2. Beach
  3. Sun
I'm living in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, this city is very strange for me, most of its economy is based in services for students and 50% of the population are from other places of the state. Talking about girls all stereotypes about Brazil are true (at least for me), I can resume my impression of girls in one word "A M A Z I N G". Cristina a mexican girl (I'll introduce to you later) told me that the majority of "handsome people" born in this region of the country and I believe in that :D. About the beaches of Brazil, well  i'm really far from a beach, approximately 500 kms. Montevideo is closer than Rio or Sao Paulo so I wont sing "garota de Ipanema" for a long time. Sun . . . well here at Santa Maria you have enough Sun . . . to much for me, with an average of 38 degrees per day (centigrades) this places is the gate of hell. University Universidade Federal de Santa Maria is the oldest university of Brazil not located in a capital city, the campus is very similar to USAC's campus
  • Open for the people
  • Big (really big)
  • Fulfilled with art
The difference between UFSM and USAC resides in the people with insignificant things like the bathrooms are working. You could assume that the problem at USAC is the people destroying everything,  sure the buildings are not made of gold but the installations are fine. The computer science program is relatively new, but in general 99% of the teachers have a Phd. degree with full time dedication for research and academic activities, in Guatemala in general we don't have a Computer Science Master's program and at USAC most of professors in the Bs. are receiving payment for 4 or 5 hour per week so you can guess the difference. The trip The trip started at march 1 in Guatemala City and after two stopovers in San Salvador (El Salvador) and Lima (Peru) I came at march 2 to Porto Alegre . It was a heavy trip, but the saddest news of the trip where that "nobody speaks english here" so I'm still mixing my Spanish with the words that i'm learning in Portuguese in a commonly named language "Portunhol", luckily in this region of the country is very common. People In general the people is very polite, specially adults and the other members of the schoolarship at this University. When I came to Santa Maria, I met Cristina, a girl from Guadalajara Mexico, she is like the leader of the group because she was the first person to came to Santa Maria and because she is very proficient in Portuguese language (she is a teacher in Mexico) later I met Ivan, a boy from Uruguay who also is very proficient in Portuguese and we had our first meeting at "La casa do pastel" a strange kind of restaurant with giant food. The next day we met Giovanna a girl from Lima, Peru. By the moment I'm at apartment of Andre a Brazilian boy who is finishing his Msc. program, also very polite, the apartment is really good, sadly is only provisional, but in general this days were a mix of feelings including:
  • Expensive food . . . for me, I paid at Guatemala $0.8 to get a Coca Cola here you should pay almost $3, also I paid at Guatemala $5 for a Big Mac combo here it costs almost $15
  • Exploring the place, but in general is a small town xD
  • Bureaucracy, so big in Brazil specially for foreign students
  • Missing my family
  • The first birthday party (Cristina's birthday), It was a really good party because a place that we like opened exclusively for us xD
I'm still waiting for the OAS money -_-, but I'll try to do my best work.
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    Lately when someone talks about Brasil, I always remember the movie

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