Java Day Guatemala, mission complete

As I said in previous posts I'm a founder member of Guatemala Java Users Group, one year has passed since our first meeting, many Java code, frameworks, people and meetings started the road for our first big event "Java Day Guatemala". Two months ago one of the most active Drupal community members in our country and a great collaborator with our JUG came to a JUG meeting with a great idea "What if we do a full day activity dedicated to Java?", one meeting later we started plans for that activity conveniently code-named "Java Day" so I asked for a space in as a JUG and the event started to take shape. Yesterday that activity was a reality. I won't talk about a final score for the activity because I was part of the organization and is unethical :D, but I'm really satisfied with the results, the level of motivation, cohesion :),and compromise of every member of  "Java Day core team" was impressive, I've been part of many FLOSS events organization but this had a special flavor because all organization tasks were so easy and fluent, the only serious discussion was about what kind of pizza we should eat, just pure objectives, tasks and results. At the end we had an event with almost 150 registered people (a huge quantity for our country) many of them were from other regions of our country, collaborators from all major universities (USAC, UFM, UVG, URL, UMG, UG), FLOSS communities, expositors were so variated, from pre-grade students to BA with master grade. Now I just wanna say mission complete :). Thanks to all people that made possible this event. We'd received good comments, but isn't my style talk about that, see you in the next JUG meeting. Is funny but finishing this post I'm asking myself why we call it Java Day in English if Guatemala is a Spanish speaking country?.
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