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Justifying again the instance of the database that hold this blog I'm back to my personal posts, the next weeks definitively would be the hardest of my life, finally one main goal of my life was accomplished now I'm an engineer 😀 but that temporal happiness was faded by a not so good succession of events :|. Life is about present and the things that I could have done now are just part of alternatives paths in my life that I threw in the sides of the road, now the universe looks like a long succession of random facts. Although I am a very goal focused guy I was punched in the face by the stupidness that we can call "feelings". If that isn't enough I seen the real state of my goals so late, when I tried to borrow that false reality a rollback wasn't an option. As I say so often in my spanish blog and talks: "well, the life just continues". Letting my life in his broken state, and thinking about the immortality of the crab I reviewed my life trying to remember random facts and radical changes,  yep isn't the first time that my life will change so radically. By example in the techie area:
  • At the age of 12 I was called freak and nerd just because my computer knowledge (so small BTW), later things go better and my first girlfriend was happy to be girlfriend of a smart guy,  but now  I'm f*cked because I was in the wrong place again by my techie inclinations.
  • At 1998 Duke Nukem 3D was one of the best games running in my pc, later Duke Nukem sequel passed from expectation to vaporware/legend. This year videogamers received an average and not so impressive game that should be legendary.
  • Thinking about Id Software, at 1991 Dangerous Dave in the haunted mansion was one of my first finished games, twenty years later I 'discovered' his creator jumping between links of wikipedia. He actually is one of the greatest programmers of all times and maybe the guy who inspired me to follow this road when I met Doom, yep is John Carmack, so late huh?
  • I hated Linux in the first distro that I tried, now I'm eating thanks to Linux support.
  • I loved VB 6 and later the first version of .net, now is like the scars that you wanna hide because are so ugly 😀
My conclusion? randomness has been in my life since I have memory, but the life success isn't about randomness is about take care of that randomness trying to follow a structured path, I failed in that :/.
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