Bye bye Gnome

My first steps in Linux where in KDE world, the first junkie app running in my PC was AMOR, you must admit it, that walking penguin over active windows was so funny. Later I started a phenomenon that Linux people call "distro jumping" Mandrake/Mandriva, OpenSuse, Fedora and finally the unbeatable performance distro Gentoo :). Is strange but in every distro jump the only constant was my desktop environment selection, I've been using Gnome since 2006, at that time Gnome was so different, so simple and so fast, definitively I was a Gnome loyal fan and I've built from source every version since 2008 watching the rise (and fall) of 2.x series. When Gnome 3 was announced I was so excited about new features and my first Gnome 3 impression was gnome-shell running over Gnome 2, just three months after constant use I must search my new perfect desktop environment 🙁 Why?
  • More steps for the same task:
When you know the exact name for the task that you wanna run you just press alt+f2 and write the name. But what happens if you don't kwnow the real name? Gnome 2 steps: Look for the Gnome menu, select your application, click it and run it Gnome 3 steps: Press super key or move the mouse to the left corner, click on applications, wait one second, now do Gnome 2 steps Do you get the point? Maybe Gnome 3 was made with a different focus but different isn't always better.
  • Java apps simply don't work at this time
And isn't just for me, is a bug without clear solution In red hat: In ubuntu: Java isn't the first choice for desktop apps, but for enterprise apps, Java IDEs are crucial, if you cannot click menus you can't do anything :/
  • Connect to server
Gnome 2: Click in connect to server, select between ftp, smb or ssh, type credentials and you have direct access to filesystems in the automatically opened nautilus Gnome 3: That feature was deleted, now I have to manually open nautilus, press ctrl+L, guess the right URL, enter the password only if I wrote the right URL and finally I got access to the filesystem in nautilus. Is the same problem, more steps for the same task (and yeah I can also mount the remote filesystems in shell but we're talking about Gnome 3 :D). Final solution: Build 20 LXDE packages, get a random woman wallpaper and use the computer as a happy user again :), sure LXDE isn't so fancy, but it works.

I'm sure that I'll be back on Gnome, but at this time isn't an option.      
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    The “Connect to server” feature was not deleted.
    In the Nautilus menu: “File” > “Connect to server” will give you the usual connection form.

    As for application launching, there is no need to use Alt+F2 and type a hard-to-remember executable name. Just press the Win/Meta key and start typing. You’ll be presented with apps matching what you type in their name and other meta fields. For example “Files”(Nautilus) will be presented if you start typing “fil…” or “nau…” and so on.

    If you really don’t know how to look for an application because it doesn’t match a reasonable string (file a bug), and if you haven’t got that app in the dash of frequently used apps (basically equivalent in click terms to the first level of an old style menu), then you can still look for it among all the application, but it’s only the last resort, not the common action as you made it sound.

    Using dash and Win key + partial name (+ arrow keys) + Enter it’s actually _faster_ to launch applications in gnome 3 than via a nested menu like in gnome 2.

    1 EC said this (August 23, 2011 at 10:20 am)

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    Hey EC thanks for your feedback. Maybe the right expression was “Connect to server isn’t so accessible” my fault, but if you count the steps you won one or two seconds with a direct access.

    Respecting Win key IMHO, I really feel faster just point and click instead of press a key and write a string, maybe with the time you can got faster results with Gnome 3 paradigm, meantime I really can’t work without Java.

    I must confess that Gnome 3 also have features that I’ll miss, like the automatic desktop layout (aka windows 7 windows stacking and docking 😀 ) or the fanciness. I’m sure like Terminator I’ll be back.

    2 tuxtor said this (August 23, 2011 at 3:18 pm)

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    I compile gnome3 few weeks ago and I don’t like it, but with openbox looks nice and is more easy to use, I’ll try LXDE some time, but now I’ll try to adapt to gnome3/openbox, I was using gnome1/2 for long time ago and xfce4 when gnome3 replace gnome2.

    3 mblanco said this (December 29, 2011 at 4:56 pm)

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