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Once upon a time in a far far away blog, I found that the only real and effective inspiration for blogging is procrastination :D. Actually I'm not so active in my regular GNU/Linux personal hacking, and this blog is life-funtoo centered so let's talk about tuxtor's recent life. In some point I forked my professional road and now I'm one of the few Java Enterprise Boys  (few as percentage vrs. another tools) that I know in my country. As many people knows I'm not active anymore in LUGs activities and almost one year later I can confirm that was one of the best decisions that I've taken. But as a whiskey needs ice and a marriage need sex, hackers need interaction with other hackers, in real or "virtual" life. As I said in one opportunity now I'm focused only in strict technical knowledge sharing, and with other FLOSS people we started the resurrection of our country Java Users Group, Guatejug. Anybody can guess the difference between a JUG and a LUG. But if we look deep into the groups structure, LUGs are safer places to find help about how to use the software, but the new JUG is code centered and focused on people interested in code more than freedom. Three of four years involved in FLOSS groups and the very first  difference that I noticed between the Free Software philosophical centered community versus a pure technical community is the atmosphere. LUGs are good, and I'm still convinced that Free Software Movement is about freedom and not price, but as IT professionals we also need spaces to share with other professionals with different points of view talking about common points. In this case "Java platform". By the moment I'm happy with Guatejug. Friends of mine that rejected the LUGs ideas as "extremist ideas" now are very active on JUG activities. Why?. Just because they don't feel ashamed or under attack when they talk about technology, sure most of Java software is under GPL/Apache/Eclipse/. . .  licenses. But the unique rule of a JUG is talk about Java technologies. And if we see technology as a common point instead of a fighting topic, the atmosphere is easy to maintain. Thats all for now.  
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    te falto decir, soy un pingûino que tiene resagado un sentimiento sobre la fidelidad en el amor jajajaja

    1 Edwin Ramìrez said this (March 24, 2011 at 9:20 am)

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    Yes, indeed, the more you work, the less time you have to write technical and personal things on your own blog, I’ve seen this phenomena long ago… my blog has become a repository of mediocre reviews of Metal albums hehehe. Thanks Dio GuateJug is growing and I hope it become a great source of knowledge and sharing to everyone of us.

    And it is odd to write, but Willy -Fantasy- Ramirez has said the truth in the last comment, for the first time hahah

    2 Erik Girón said this (March 24, 2011 at 2:41 pm)

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    ROFL “Willy -Fantasy- Ramirez” sounds great as an alternate nickname

    3 tuxtor said this (March 24, 2011 at 3:15 pm)


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