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Not at home anymore. Actually I'm working on three projects. One as a main job and two complementary projects (I need a new laptop BTW). Many years ago a buddy wrote in my blog a sentence like this "You will die writing small programs with Free Software".  Years later I'm here working with, Java, PostgreSQL, Glassfish, Tomcat, Richfaces, Icefaces, Netbeans, Eclipse, Subversion. All Free software :D. Looks like I have the Job that I ever wanted: "Internet without a firewall or proxy, no dressing rules, a good and powerfull (very powerfull) Linux desktop, JEE+SOA+domain driven architecture". And thanks to God this job knocks to my door. I never looked for it. By the moment I'm happy with this. But . . . The Job reallity is very very different. A year ago in the classrooms explaining SOA (as auxiliary teacher at University) I never Imagined how hard is write enterprise software. Work with this tools is good. The environment is fine. But is a work like another one and is very stressfull and fullfilled of responsability. Cut off times, merge the code with another buddy code, zero day bugs, PermGenSpace, etc. Maybe let the freelance world was a good step. Let see it in the next months. And the life just continues . . .
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