SLGT Basics – An effort for the Free Software in Guatemala.

As we mention in the web site. SLGT born with the objective to coordinate the Free Software efforts between Free Software community and without being a dictatorial and intrusive entity (or without being an entity). Hey I come to this site looking for tractor pictures but this is interesting. What is the Free Software movement? The Free Software movement started at 1983 when Richard Stallman (from now will be called "barbuchin hippie") started the GNU project. The primary goal for the project was give freedom to the computers users creating and replacing the software with restrictive license terms. Do you support  Free Software or Open Source?: This question looks stupid but, in the communities many people have different point of views. The "barbuchin hippie" started this movement with a more ethical point of view. But many people consider it very radical so they started the therm Open Source giving to the free software a more commercial point of view. In SLGT we collaborate with both philosophies. What is exactly SLGT, a community?, a board of directors?, guys with long hair eating pizza? Because the objectives and philosophy differs from one community to another. At 2009 many members of Free Software groups talked about the growing community and propose to share our efforts in a centralized entity including:
  • Ask for help and specially ask for people support in the different Free Software meetings/events.
  • Notify and invite the communities to the  different events (talks/meetings/bug squash parties/release parties).
  • Coordinate bigger events (CGSOL, FLISOL).
  • And optionally but not important. Have centralized support medium.
Who give us authority to do this? Jabba the Hut, he-man and Chuck Norris support SLGT . . . Seriously we don't believe in authorities and consider ourselves as another effort. We are always open to new communities, feedback, members having an horizontal structure (see dohkogt post for more details about communities structure - in spanish -). In the beginning  we invited all communities that we could remember :D. All LUG's and almost all Free Software communities are participating :). Could you explain it with an example?: I'm a Free Software activist member of Java Users Group from Guatemala, Lugusac and founder of the almost extinct Shekalug (sad very sad 🙁 ). At Lugusac we have a small-mid size activity called SSL (Free Software Saturdays). As an university Linux User Group we coordinate this event and give two talks about Free Software and Free Culture almost every fifteen days. Actually Lugusac has almost 500 members in the mailing list but 10 of 12 active members in the real life xD. So when we needed people for the talks, we asked for collaboration in SLGT mailing list. And people from Ubuntu-gt, Debian-gt, . . . were glad to help and the "central hub" worked :). I like Free Software. Can I be a member of Slgt? Sure but SLGT only exist in internet in: The right path to start in free software movement is to select the closest Free Sofware Comunity of your interest.
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    Disculpa que te escriba en español, pero como que estas usando mucho la gramatica del castellano…se nota


    1 Oscar E. said this (June 2, 2010 at 4:44 pm)

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    😉 no hay clavo ese es otro objetivo del blog, Que la gente me de feedback y pueda seguir practicando :D.

    2 admin said this (June 2, 2010 at 6:20 pm)


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