Psychosis . . .

I'm in the bus stop all is silent . . more than usual, I'm the only one and all look sad. I'm going to meet some friends, talk about IT and work. Later a girl talk with me, and said: "The buses are not working as regular, seem like a shoot-out happens at 11:00 am" Hell!!! Another one?. Every time I go out from my home (I work at home and don't go out so frequently) I hear the same story. But what can I do? I do my part to be an average human being, but that never will be enough. Well a bus is coming and the driver said "only to the Trebol because it's dangerous (the situation)". Is this or take a cab and I have to wait for a cab. So the journey begins. . . Two or three bus stops and the face of the private cop turns to irritating and scarred.This definitively will not be a regular trip. Surprisingly the cop take his revolver and stands up at the door. The psychosis starts. Take another bus is not an option, I'm freeze and the girl that I talked before is crazy and talking fast. The cop and the driver speaks "look for red mazda's the other bus drivers said that the shoots start from a car like that". Sh!1 a red mazda is ahead, the psychosis level is more. Girls with children's are scarred. But fortunately that wasn't the "right" mazda. Three more bus stops and Yeah! I'm in my destiny. I hate this psychosis . . . the people call him: Guatemala city. And I'm sure this will be another of the thousand opinions about the situation. The bus goes with the psychosis. Bye, bye stupid!!!, see you again in the next bus, semaphore or . . . whatever place in this city.
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2 Responses to "Psychosis . . ."

  • Unknown Unknown on Unknown Unknown

    Well tha’s the way in this country, like guns n’ roses said “Welcome to the jungle”

    1 Chany said this (April 15, 2010 at 12:37 pm)

  • Unknown Unknown on Unknown Unknown

    Testing the commens. Seems like they’re having troubles with the database ūüôĀ

    2 tuxtor said this (April 16, 2010 at 12:38 am)


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