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Well if you found this blog looking for something about Gentoo let me disappoint you (for now). This blog (as the section About says) it's an experiment to improve my English Skills. Making a "English mirror" of my main blog "El abismo de tux - The tux abyss". Basically I speak it,  I read it. And of course I understand it (about 90%). In fact the problem with my English is that I'm not from an English Speaking country. I studied many courses but simply I went away over and over again disappointed about the learning methods or simply looking for a cheaper option. In my life trip I also Studied Computer Science and Computers Systems Engineer (A funny title for an amateur Computer Science track and surprisingly very good Software Design knowledge) the University consumed most of my free time (well I finished one semester after the regular time :P). But I left other important things like meet girls and have more than one girlfriend per two years, learn a third language, continue with my Gentoo learning and of course my English grammar (as a second language). What you can expect?
  • My little Gentoo (Funtoo and Linux in general) Knowledge
  • Computer Clusters
  • Java TIPS and Tutorials
  • Personal Reflections (is a personal blog 😉
  • Heavy Metal reviews
  • Very much typo and grammar mistakes 😛
If I want to go outside Guatemala to continue my trip, continue learning, studying and maybe researching (my dream) I have to pass a TOEFL iBT test whit a score upper than 71 (that depends on the scholarships) centered in . . . grammar. So let's try it. The worse thing that can happen is than I generate a lot of content but my skills remain in the same level xD. If you give me a feedback I'll be grateful for that
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